Trip to Dresden


Congress Center Dresden

Last weekend we were in Dresden. It was a short, wonderful trip. We have completed no tourist program, since we know the city well as “Dresdner”. However, our path past the typical tourist places. Weiterlesen


In last months, I have the change to do more intensively with the protection of the environment. As part of a seminar, I had to create an eco-friendly Upcycling. I opted for bicycle inner tubes, as these can be disposed of in large quantities. Of course, there are already a number of products made ​​from this material, but chairs are also constantly redesigned. Why not here?

Here I want to give you a little insight on the project and show that Upcycling products definitely do not have to hide.IMG_5013


cooling-down with fresh fruits


Nachdem der Sommer sich wirklich Zeit gelassen hat, überrascht er uns diese Woche ja mit Hochsommertemperaturen (die evtl. etwas zu warm sind für unsere Region). Aus diesem Grund bin ich schon die ganze Woche nur noch am Trinken. Und aus diesem Grund wollte ich mein Lieblingsgetränk kurz mit euch teilen.